We like reading

We like reading books... and magazines ... and comics ... and stories on the internet...
Reading helps us develop our vocabulary.
While we are reading we can visit another country o travel through space. We can learn all about other kids, or important events ...
Whatever topic we can think of, there's a book waiting to be read.

And, we don't just love to read books. We love to talk about them...


Poetry Day

Poetry is a great genre for children of all ages. When children read a poem aloud, they experience the rhythm and  the rhyme of words.

Poetry Day, March 21, is a time to celebrate poets and poetry and to share some poems with our children.


Love is in the air

 In Galicia we celebrate the Day of Love on February 2nd, because they say it's the day when the birds fall in love.

We asked the children to surf  the internet  and find some love quotes from movies :

LoveQuotes by Slidely Photo Gallery


Peace day

Teaching about peace in one of our priorities so that  the children can grow up with a strong understanding of how to be peaceful from the beginning of their life. This is why we do many things to educate for peace, not only on Peace Day but all over the school year.

We asked children to create a PEACE  word cloud using free online tools :  

PeaceDay by Slidely Photo Gallery



Here you have a didactic activity from "Caderno Verde (Sogama). The title is "Eco Christmas"

Christmas doesn't have to be a time of excess if you follow a few simple steps. 

This  didactic activity  from  "Caderno Verde" is intended for the students of 3 º cycle of primary. It works concepts related to responsible consumption, the three Rs (reduction, reuse and recycling), the decrease in food waste, the selective collection of different materials and domestic composting.

Use the arrows to scroll through the activities. Click in the pictures.
Choose the right option  and move the correct items to the right place!


Movie Chestnuts

Do you think that can exist a Chestnut Land somewhere?
And, if so, will there be movie screens?
And if there are, what movies will they show?

We invented a few titles of films that should be on a billboard in the cinemas of Chestnut Land.

What do you think?

MovieChestnuts by Slidely Photo Gallery


Peace Day

There a lot of things we can do with our mouth and with our hands to make the lives of others better:

But there are things we musn't do: