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 Let's have some fun playing games, singing songs and watching some some stories.


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The little old lady who wasn't afraid of anything


La Palma Volcano: A week in hell

 La Palma is one of the Canary Islands. Last Sunday,  September 19th , the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted. There were a lot of earthquakes and violent explosions . Incandescent volcanic ash is still falling, covering houses, gardens,  fields and roads. A river of lava is going down the mountain in the middle of the houses and many of then have been destroyed. People should stay at home with doors and windows closed. The closest villages to the volcano have been evacuated. A lot of people have lost everything they had.
Many different feelings appear : fear, sadness, anger ...

In class, the children have discussed how all the people on La Palma Island feel, what emotions they are feeling in these  hard times.


Mafalda and friends

 Mafalda is a character created by the  Argentine cartoonist Quino in the 60s.

Quino  died some days ago and we wanted to remember his strips .

This is what we know about Mafalda:

You can read some of Mafalda comic strips below and have fun with her and her friends.


Women and global goals

 To pay tribute to all Galician women, who would deserve a statue in any square in any city, we built a sculpture using waste materials: boxes, fabrics, cardboard tubes ... With it, we intend to give visibility to the work that women do. (many of these jobs were considered "men's jobs" until now) and claim that equality between women and men must be a reality.
These are the women we chose:

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And this is our sculpture


Carnival Time: We sing for Climate

Do it now is a song with a simple melody (based on Bella Ciao, the Italian song of the resistance during WW II), and a clear message that can be considered as the new Climate Anthem.
Climate change isn’t just a problem that  is having disastrous effects right now . Our children are the generation that can stop climate change or, at least, can do something about it.

This is our own version :


Global Goals

Sustainable development improves living conditions in the present without compromising the resources of future generations
Development is NOT sustainable when we use all our resources now, leaving future generations with nothing. 
Sustainable development is growing together and respecting the environment.
 The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are the priorities that Member States have identified for all people and for our planet, in order to build a better world for all, within the next 15 years.
We can only reach these Goals with the help of people around the world – people like you, your family, your teachers, your friends,   It is very important that all of us think about the actions we can take to contribute to the achievement of the Goals.  


Peace Day

You can find peace in  many of the things and actions you see all around.  
We want a world in Peace, a better world, with zero hunger, with gender equality, with a decent work for everyone...
A world where women and men have the same rights, where children can have  quality education, where everybody has a home ...

We reuse plastic bottles. We painted them with our wishes for Peace Day:


These are us

A fun speaking activity to introduce ourselves using the app Voki

Antonio                                                                                    Alex